About Us

The United Nations Association of Serbia is a non-governmental organization, founded in Belgrade in 1952. It is a member of the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA) and is accredited at UN DPI in NYC.

The main mission of the United Nations Association of Serbia is to promote of ideals and support the goals and activities of the United Nations.

The vision of the United Nations Association of Serbia is to build a better and more equal world according to the main goals of the UN Charter.

We work on informing our membership and the public in general about the UN system and on organizing educational and other programs in accordance with the goals and principles in the UN Charter. We also act on raising public awareness about the significance of cooperation between nations and countries in peace maintenance, respect for the human rights and overall development and progress in the world.

The UNA of Serbia has three main PROGRAM UNITS:

- Information about UN (UN main activities, international days, Development Goals, bulletin, etc.)
- Teaching about UN (UN Clubs, UNESCO programs, Model UN, Dialogue Cafes activities, study visits, seminars, workshops...)
- Research about UN (scientific works, expert meeting, round tables …).

UN Clubs

The United Nations Association of Serbia coordinates work of United Nations Clubs at schools and at colleges. UN Clubs contribute to familiarizing young people with the UN system and help the reach a better understanding of current world events.

The programs and activities of UN Clubs encompass the work of the UN in its entirety, including specialized agencies of the UN (UNESCO, World Health Organization...) and other bodies (UNICEF, UN Environment Program…). Many UN Clubs have special sections for UNESCO, Ecology and other areas.

The Sector for UNESCO Programs
The Sector for UNESCO Programs is a part of the United Nations Association of Serbia that prepares programs related to the work of UNESCO (Introducing UNESCO as a part of the UN system, Education for peace and tolerance, World heritage education and presentation World heritage sities, programs geared toward youth, et cetera). Within UNA Serbia the work of UNESCO Clubs “Centre” are key in promoting the work of UNESCO within the framework of UN Clubs in schools. The main task of the UNESCO club ''Centre'' is advocacy for the accomplishment of high ideals from the UN Charter and UNESCO Constitution, in order to maintain peace, cooperation, development and global progress.

Centre for International Cooperation

The Association’s Centre for International Cooperation organizes study visits to the headquarters of UN bodies and specialized agencies and sites on the UNESCO’s World natural and cultural heritage list. It also organizes different international programs and other forms of cooperation with related organizations in the world.

The Youth Section

The UNA of Serbia – Youth Section is a part of UNA Serbia as a registered independent NGO. The Youth Section coordinates UN Clubs in schools and colleges in Serbia and prepares the ’’Belgrade International Model UN – BIMUN’’. The Section proposes and implements the various projects for young people (Promotion of UN Development Goals, Human Rights education, Climate Change education, etc).


UNA Serbia has been working on the promotion of the high ideals found in the UN Charter, supporting UN activities and especially educating the youth about the significance of the United Nations for 65 years. UNA Serbia is the only civil society organization in Serbia that's exclusively dedicated to supporting the mission and goals of the United Nations, through organizing informative, educational and awareness-raising programs and other activities to support the work of the UN system.


Milorad Kondic


  Milorad Kondić, President of the UNA Serbia                                                                         



Biljana Vukosavljevic1 

  Biljana Vukosavljević, Director of the UNA Serbia



Nina Mirosavic1


  Nina Mirosavić, Secretary-General of the UNA Serbia Executive Committee



Stefan Kondic UNASerbia Youth Section


  Stefan Kondić, President of the UNA Serbia Advisory Board



Sladjana Prica


  Sladjana Prica, Honorary President of the UNA Serbia